We welcome volunteers in a variety of capacities. Please complete the form below and specify which event and what role you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Derby Day Affair | Polo en Blanc | Polo Classic XXVIII

Please read below for additional terms.

Everyone volunteering while events are live are required to dress in attire appropriate to the event if performing a role in sight of patrons. Certain volunteers, such as models and other performers, may have additional requirements. Other volunteers may be given apparel to wear. All volunteers are ticketed, just like patrons, and must check-in. All volunteers will have lanyards or other official identification.

Volunteers can apply for a position at the event for which you are a beneficiary up to 30 days before that event. Beneficiaries are awarded $100 for each volunteer “day”, meaning at least 8 hours of work. There are positions such as setup and tear down that each require 4 hours however it may not be desirable for the same volunteer to do both. For positions like these, the task can be split between two volunteers creating a single “volunteer day”. We select volunteers based upon our sole judgement of the application submitted, so please provide as much information as possible.