The (Kentucky) Derby Day Affair

The (Kentucky) Derby Day Affair | Saturday, May 6, 2017 | 1:00PM – 7:00 PM


The Derby Day Affair – Unbridled Fun for Philanthropy! Join in unparalleled pageantry and excitement to celebration the running of the 143rd Kentucky Derby on Saturday May 6, 2017 at Nicollet Island Pavilion. Expect the finest fare, fantastic fashions at our endless extravaganza. You will be greeted by miniature horses and military guardsmen. Enjoy a cornucopia of canapés and delectable drinks in Derby style. Best dressed, best couple and best hat competition. Special discounts to The Polo Classic, Raffle and so much more!


Derby Through The Ages Fashion Show
We are presenting three fashion sets combining runway, pedestal, stairway and cafe elements. Each set shows vintage treatments of Derby Attire from the 20’s, 40’s and 60’s and is followed by current interpretation of these eras with today’s designers. All apparel and accessories can be purchased on site.

Lots of Live Horses!
The afternoon features live polo exhibitions, vaulting, horses and huntsmen, carriage rides, hunting and jumping demonstrations, miniature horses and much, much more.

Sensational Sounds & Captivating Cirque
Cameo performances by great local artists Stephanie Varone,

Jaguar Invitational Car Show
A display of vintage and present-day models for your enjoyment.

Champagne, Mint Juleps & More
Receive complimentary bubbly upon your arrival and a voucher for a mint julep or any of our select wines and cocktails, Finnegan’s Beer.

Spectacular Scenes for Photographic Dreams
A dozen professional photographers will be on hand to capture your many moments forever in several fun and floral vignettes designed for photo ops.

What to Wear? 
Simply Google “Kentucky Derby Fashion” and you’ll get more ideas than imaginable. Attire can be fun to frolicking to formal, all within the bounds of good taste and fashion. Ladies are encouraged to wear large elegant daytime hats or fascinators in conjunction with a dress, skirt, gown or fashion pantsuit. Men are encouraged to wear a dinner jacket with trousers or shorts, dress shoes, suspenders, suit, tuxedo or kilt, also with an appropriate hat. Equine apparel (hunting, jumping, foxhunt, racing, polo, etc) for Ladies or Men are also welcomed.


30-Days Foundation – based in Minneapolis, MN

A 30-Days Foundation created by singer-songwriter, Mick Sterling in 2010, has assisted over 30,000 families with one-time financial grants made payable only to the service provider that needs payment.

Minneapolis Mounted Police Foundation – based in Minneapolis, MN

The Minneapolis Mounted Police Foundation was created in 1996, to provide ongoing financial support for the Mounted Patrol Unit for the Minneapolis Police Department.

This Old Horse, Inc. – based in Hastings, MN

This Old Horse was founded in 2012, and in such a short time have given many horses a safe place where they can age and be loved, honored and respected.