The auction at this year’s Derby Day Affair is already underway!  We have many up items on our website that you can bid for now!

Having auction items is always a hit and this year we feel like we’ve really upped our game having more than ever.  We’ve secured a lot of items that would be great as gifts and memorabilia for that wife, husband, daughter, son, or anyone you’d like to surprise!

We also have many larger items (which can still be gifts too!) that you’ll want to get in on!  One thing is important to remember:  Buy Experiences, Not Things!

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before, a trend mantra of behavioral economics, but it rings true.  Live in anticipation of gathering stories and memories (nostalgic longing) – the things that provide enduring happiness.

Research has been and continues to be done on overall livelihood and happiness.  And you know what they find? Happiness is in the content of moment-to-moment experiences. The journal of Psychological Science states: “Nothing material is intrinsically valuable, except in whatever promise of happiness it carries. Satisfaction in owning a thing does not have to come during the moment it’s acquired, of course. The achievement of the human brain to contemplate events past and future at great, tedious length has, these psychologists believe, come at the expense of happiness. Minds tend to wander to dark, not whimsical, places. Unless that mind has something exciting to anticipate or sweet to remember.”

They say when you can’t live in a moment, it’s best to live in anticipation of an experience. Experiential purchases like trips, concerts, movies, lessons, et cetera, have a tendency to outdo material purchases because the value of buying anything really starts accruing before you buy it.

And as I mention it, what better way to experience this very thing by not only bidding on a potential auction item, but experiencing The Derby Day Affair! Join us this Saturday on May 6th!

*And thank you Accelevents for powering our auction functionality on our website!