Polo for Philanthropy Derby Day Affair Volunteers

Every Wednesday in the depths of the Minneapolis Club there is a team of people working hard to plan the Derby Day Affair. Over glasses of wine, and sometimes dinner, these folks share the progress they have made in their committees. Then they determine what their next steps are before the following meeting. They are Polo for Philanthropy’s noble steeds. The Derby Day Affair would be nothing without its volunteers, and as an intern for the organization I have seen all of the hard work that has gone into this event.

The Beginning

I began my journey with Polo for Philanthropy at the beginning of October last year. We started meeting to plan the Derby Day Affair. I met an eclectic new group of people who all came from different backgrounds with different fields of expertise. We shared our love and appreciation for philanthropy. As the weeks passed I learned more about these people on a personal level and became better able to work with them on a professional level. Together, we begin to determine the concepts for the different components of the Derby Day Affair.

Progress is Made

As the months passed the organization solidified it’s volunteers and determined planning committees for the event. Each committee started to turn their concepts into reality.

Our first event to kick of the season was the Borton Volvo Grand Opening in Golden Valley. There I witnessed how the philanthropy element tied into the organization and I saw Polo for Philanthropy’s Chairman Adam Southam’s vision come to life. I got excited for all of the upcoming Polo events and I learned that work does not always mean sitting behind a computer screen. As an intern, I have had the pleasure of working with the organization for 7 months. I’ve learned so much and tried my best to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

Join us!

With all of the work we’ve put in, the Derby Day Affair is going to be a wonderful experience. Join us at the Nicollet Island Pavilion on the 6th of May! And don’t forget to stay afterwards for the Post Parday at Muse Event Center!

– Kira Taylor, Polo for Philanthropy Intern